MERL Update Required for MDOT Let Jobs

Effective October 20, 2014, MERL users who submit project estimates to MDOT Local Agency Programs for jobs run through the MDOT Bid Letting process should upgrade to at MERL version 5.2.5 (or newer).

On October 20, 2014, MDOT will be replacing their client/server based LAS/PES*  system  with a web based system called Web Trns*port Preconstruction. MERL 5.2.5 and newer versions support a new export for Trns*port: XML format.

MERL users who are running version 5.0 or newer can click the 'Check for Program Updates' option under the 'Help' menu. Users on an older version will have to download the full version from the MERL website at (Please note: A MERL website login is required to download the full setup file).

If you have questions about the update to MERL, contact tech support at or 906-487-2102.

If you have questions about Web Trns*port Preconstruction, contact Larry Strzalka at 517-335-2220.


* part of the system to manage and process virtually all aspects of Michigan's road, bridge, airport, and railroad construction project life cycles