MERL is available at no cost to any Michigan local agency and their consultants. It is licensed only for use on Michigan projects. To access the MERL setup file, click "Log in/Register" in the column on the left and enter your username/e-mail and password. The log-in name and password for this website is not the same as your log-in information for MERL. If you do not have a log-in name and password for this website, you must register an account.

Update File

Version 2017.5 requires a full MERL installation. Use your MERL website login to access the MERL 2017.5 full installer.

Component Updates
Bid Utility
  • Fixed 'object null reference' exception saving AUP from Bid Analysis
  • Added support for exporting contracts to MERL Web format
  • Added support for importing contracts from MERL Web format.
Local Job Manager
  • Balancing Contract Modification will now zero out items that have gone over the project quantity as well as items under quantity.
  • Fixed bug which failed to update Qty Paid after finalizing a Pay Estimate.