Update File

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Component Updates
  • Added support for SQL Server and SQL Express 2016.
Average Unit Prices
  • Updated the Average Unit Prices for the 2012 Pay Items through 9/2016.
Estimator's Worksheet
  • Added validation for MDOT projects to check for a missing Supplemental Description when a value is required on a pay item.
  • Added right-click option to change worksheet column resizing from automatic to manual.
  • Fixed bug when after checking out a contract (while it is open), the Category toolbar was not enabled until the contract was reopened.
  • Added validation to Export to Trns*Port to not allow export when a Supplemental Description is missing for pay items that require it.
Local Job Manager
  • Fixed bug in creating a Pay Estimate where the pay period was ignored when calculating available items to pay.
  • Fixed exception when changing the Pay Estimate Period for a Job Pay Estimate.
Pay Item List
  • Updated the 2012 Pay Item Codes list.