The Michigan Engineers' Resource Library (MERL) is a software suite that helps transportation engineers create road and bridge project estimates, enter and analyze bids for local jobs, and track daily postings and payment estimates. In addition, MERL provides access to various Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) resource documents. MERL was created by the Center for Technology & Training (CTT) at Michigan Technological University. (Read more)


Updates to Pay Items, Average Unit Price, and Vendor Lists

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Updates are available for download in MERL for Pay Items, Average Unit Price, and Vendor lists. The download is accessible from within MERL version 5.3.0 or greater. To access the downloads, MERL customers can choose the Tools option within the main menu, and then choose Check for Lookup Updates. Customers using MERL versions earlier than 5.3.0 are advised to update to MERL 5.3.3.

MERL Mobile 2.0 - Now Available for Android & iPad

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Get your summer projects started! The Center for Technology & Training proudly announces the availability of MERL Mobile for iPad. MERL Mobile was initially released last spring for Android devices.

MERL Mobile for iPad has the same features found in the latest Android release. Recently added features include: a total amount to the item(s) posting page, and a development platform change which enables us to more easily release updates to you for both Android and iPad.

The MERL Mobile application with a full list of features is available at no cost for both iPad (located in...

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MERL 5.3.3 Update Available

Friday, February 5, 2016

MERL 5.3.3 Update Available


The update to MERL 5.3.3 is now available for download. The update and the complete list of changes for MERL 5.3.3 are available at MERL Downloads

In addition to updating 2012 Pay Item average unit prices and resolving several issues in MERL, this release includes the previously announced support change for Windows XP or SQL Server/SQL Server Express 2005. Once updated to 5.3.3, MERL will no...

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